Overseas project is an interactive journey through a collection of digital landscapes, which are joined together by a common navigational level and aesthetic characteristics: 3D graphics, environmental storytelling, diegetic sound, and wide use of glitches and random generation. The collection is potentially (and fundamentally) unlimited, but so far 5 episodes are planned to be included: La forêt, Carcosa, Tlön, Waterfall, and Outskirts.


Tlön is about the fleetingness of a moment, which cannot be captured without being destroyed. Objects in the game do not have a fixed shape and change when someone moves past them, so players are forced to experience reality like the inhabitants of Borges’s Tlön, losing themselves in the wilderness of the digital. However, this world, natural rather than artificial, is quite fragile.

la forêt

La forêt was inspired by Max Ernst’s paintings of mysterious forests. In this world, exploration of the landscape begins with planting a «tree».


I see the game paying tribute to exuberant anti-art formalism that both dada and surrealism encompassed in their time, a tribute also to the attitudes Max Ernst expressed toward spontaneity and vulnerability in creation… A reflection which immediately holds weight and importance… ”



Overseas is developed by a team of two people: Yuliya Kozhemyako and Margaret Skomorokh.
The first part, which includes 2 episodes, will be released in 2017.